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The regulation of protected origin controlled wine Egri Bikavér

Under the brand name Egri Bikavér solely protected origin controlled quality dry red wine is allowed to put into market. All those producers want to produce and buyers wish to buy Egri Bikavér have to observe the regulation of protected origin controlled wine Egri Bikavér.

Appellation of wine
Egri Bikavér
Protected origin controlled dry red wine

Origin of grape varieties
The vineyards of settlements in Eger Wine Region such as – Andornaktálya, Demjén, Eger, Egerbakta, Egerszalók, Egerszólát, Felsőtárkány, Kerecsend, Maklár, Nagytálya, Noszvaj, Novaj, Ostoros, Szomolya and Verpelét – , the registered, protected origin controlled plantations.

Usage of grape varieties
For producing protected origin controlled Egri Bikavér the blend of at least 3 basic wines of grapes recommended by the Wine Committee is a must.
The recommended grape varieties of the site: Kékfrankos, Kékoportó, Kadarka, Blauburger, Kékmedoc, Zweigelt, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot noir.

The standards of grape growing
In the case of existing grape plantations – independently of spacing and cultivation method – protected origin controlled wines can be produced after the area is registered by the Eger Wine Committee including the lack of vines on the vineyard and also listing foreign varieties.

The protected origin controlled requirements of establishing new plantations

  • at least 3300 grapevines/hectares, space between grapevines cannot be less than 0,8 metres

  • training methods can be: stock cultivation, low and middle-high cordon, umbrella or other low cordon methods

  • usage of virus and agrobacterium proof breeders

Yield control, production quantity
Yield control and quantity of production has to be adjusted into training methods and grape varieties. The average production per hectare cannot be more than 13,6 tons.
Due to the vintage specificities The Egri Bikavér Association of Wine Community can determine a lower yield. The decision has to be announced until 30th April of the economic year.

The quality of grape
The “Certificate of grape origin” for producing Egri Bikavér concerns grape variety, location, quantity, quality and producer can be given after site visit, the first determined date of harvest by Eger Wine Committee.  Clusters have to be healthy and follow the characteristic features of the variety. At the start of harvesting, the used grape varieties has to have a minimum 17,0 MM° – Hungarian must sugar content –  (except Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot noir varieties where 19,0 MM° )
Grape procession, vinicultural technologies and bottling
According to actual wine law, wine procession can be made only in the wine cellar registered in Eger Wine Region, controlled by Eger Wine Community.
The production of Egri Bikavér is only finished after receiving the printed marketing authorisation of the  NATIONAL FOOD CHAIN SAFETY OFFICE, Departure of Viniculture (used to call National Wine Institute)

Professional requirements of protected designation of origin

  • The grape procession for Egri Bikavér has to be made separately, controlled.

  • maceration 8 days longer,

  • lowering or rising acid content cannot happen on chemic way

  • from the recommended grape varieties at least 3 types have to be blended. From the grape varieties cannot be used more than 50% however all varieties have to be more than 5%

  • wines must be aged in barrel

  • bottling of the wine can can be made only in a Bottling plant has bottling license meets all requirements of the protected designation of origin, registered by Eger Wine Community. For request, all bottling plants meet the requirements of bottling Egri Bikavér has to be registered by Eger Wine Community.

Classification of the wine
Before the wine is put on the market the Wine Classification Board of Eger Wine Region makes an obligatory sensory judgement. The certificate of origin of wine is given by the Wine Community Judge according to the site of wine producer. The certificate of origin depends on the result of sensory judgement.

Nomination, put into circulation
Egri Bikavér protected designation of origin controlled wine can be put into circulation only bottled – except selling as a bulk wine in the wine cellars of producing wineries in Eger – after the 1st November following the year of harvest. On the bottles, nomination and put into circulation has to be made after the wine law. On the label, the appellation of wine is added by “Egri Bikavér protected designation of origin” or “Egri Bikavér protected origin controlled quality dry red wine”.  Vintage of the wine has to be shown on front label.

The criterion of bulk wine put into circulation
The producing winery has to be registered at Eger Wine Community, has to possess Producer’s License of wine sale and Plaque awarded by Eger Wine Region. According to have the listed requirements and meeting the general regulation of wine trade, in the producing wine cellars in Eger Wine Region, there is a possibility of direct selling, tasting bulk wine for consumers.

About Egri Bikavér

According to the records, the description of grape varieties giving the wine bikavér was announced the first time exactly 100 years ago, in 1912.Jenő Grőber, wine – grower in Eger created Egri Bikavér at the beginning of the last century to show the beauty, strength and power of red wines produced at the colourful wine region of Eger. The jingling name and the regulated blending of selected varieties brought the expected result: bikavér become the most well know brand name of the wine region. However, in the past hundred years bikavér, as other Hungarian wines, had some bad decades. Nevertheless, in the past two decades, the revived wineries of Eger after political transformation acted a lot to replace the old place of the brand name. All kinds of things happened in order to acknowledge it by the consumers of these days: the carefully blended egri bikavér possesses high quality. It is a unique, protean, great wine taking the opportunity of endless possibility of blending still typically from Eger.

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