Det sket forresten i marts…St. Andrea 10 ÅRS JUBILÆUM!

Tillykke! St. Andrea igen…Det kunne ikke være bedre end på 10 års jubilæum! Tillykke med det! Vi er meget stolt over, at har været med fra starten!

On the occasion of National Day of Hungary on 15th March, the generally known Dr. György (udt.George) Lörincz Hungarian enologist was awarded by Sándor Farkas, Minister of Agriculture.

The Minister of Agriculture awarded Dr. György Lörincz enologist, owner of St. Andrea Vineyards the Officer’s Cross of Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary. According to the justification he got honoured for the quality and unique wine production on a natural, traditional way, the results achieved, the work of developing Hungarian wine culture, the popularization of Eger Wine region in Hungary and abroad.

Officer´s Cross is a degree of The Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, the highest State Order of Hungary. Founded in 1991, the order is a revival of an original order founded in 1946 and abolished in 1949. The order is presented in five classes in both a civil and military division.

The Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary can be given to those honoured, outstanding person who is strenuous in the ministration of the nation, redounds the development of the country, helps the enrichment of universal human values.

…og igen!

Best of Budapest & Hungary Gala 2013

Budapest Week Publishing presented the most outstanding restaurants, hotels and winemakers of the past year with the coveted Best of Budapest & Hungary Award during the 20th annual gala on March 23. Gastronomy and wine has been chosen this year by George Lorincz/St.Andrea.
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